Home Inspection Tips For Savvy Home Buyers

Making an offer on a piece of property that is then accepted can prove to be incredibly exciting especially for first-time homebuyers. Once an offer has been accepted it is important to consider the necessity of having a professional home inspection performed. This is the key to avoiding costly home buying related mistakes. Hiring a professional home inspector who will thoroughly and expertly check and inspect a house is a smart and effective way of protecting what is likely to be a very large and substantial investment.

Organized And Detailed

A typical home inspection should include a complete check of the plumbing systems, attic, basement, scrawl spaces, heating and air-conditioning systems as well as electrical systems and exterior home components. In addition, there should be an organized and detailed room by room review as well as a complete check of the foundation and structural components of the house including the interior and exterior. Anything less than this comprehensive type of inspection could end up resulting in something being missed. Potential homebuyers should always follow with the home inspector through the entire inspection process.

Actively Involved In The Inspection

If a home inspector is not open to the idea of a buyer being actively involved in the inspection process it may be a good idea to find a new home inspector. Being actively involved in the inspection process can help a home buyer better understand the findings of the final report. This also helps to reduce any post closing potential surprises. Homebuyers should stay proactive when it comes to a house being checked out by asking questions when appropriate. There are many items that will be covered by qualified and experienced inspector.

Impact On Energy Usage

This includes everything from checking for roof leaks and any possible roof defects associated with aging. In addition, drainage problems that may result in water related damage should be thoroughly checked. Faulty fuses, a rotting deck or water damage on a ceiling will also be looked at during the inspection. Attic ventilation, the quality of weather stripping around doors and windows as well as caulking around fixtures will also be thoroughly covered. These items are especially important because they can have an impact on energy usage and ultimately energy costs. Any potential environmental contamination will also be brought to the attention of the homebuyer by the inspector. Contact Nicole Haun and RealestateinAnacortes.com today for a list of Anacortes homes for sale. Choosing the right Anacortes realtor can ultimately save homebuyers money, time and trouble.

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