Great Tips For Showing A Home That Is Listed For Sale

Showing a home in the right way can make all the difference when it comes to closing a sale or it just remaining stagnant on the market for many months. Emotions are what typically drive a potential buyer to make an offer and ultimately buy a house. That said, here are some important and easy tips for showing a home in the right way so that you increase the chances of having a successful sale.

Greater Leverage

For example, one of the most common suggestions for those who wish to show a house in the right way is to simply leave the property prior to potential buyers arriving. This gives buyers greater leverage when it comes to talking about the likes and dislikes associated with the home that is being viewed. Even something as simple as leaving a bowl of candy near the entryway with a note thanking the buyers for visiting can have a lasting impression.

Champagne Glasses

Temperature can have a big effect on someone's impression of your home. During the summer it is best to turn up the air conditioning and make your home comfortably fresh and inviting. Conversely, during the winter months it is best to keep your home warm and cozy. This gives buyers a more pleasant and familiar home experience that can ultimately make all the difference. In addition, always consider creating the right type of mood. Placing champagne glasses on a coffee table or lighting a fire place as well as playing relaxing music can have a profound effect when trying to sell a home.

Opening Windows

As a note, it is recommended to avoid burning candles or spraying any type of air freshener prior to having potential buyers visit your home. Even plug-in air fresheners should be removed before showing a home. Another way to make a home more impressive is to light up the space as much as possible. This includes turning on all lights throughout the house including even appliance lights. Opening windows and allowing natural light to enter can also add genuine appeal. Turning off the TV is generally recommended and is considered a good strategy by most experts in the industry.

Motivated Sellers

It also goes without saying that a home should be cleaned thoroughly including vacuuming flooring and cleaning windows in order to create the right atmosphere. As a final note, some homeowners may wish to offer finger foods and other types of food items such as cookies and soft drinks as a way to make the experience more enjoyable. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that showing a home in the right way can help to inspire motivated buyers. Contact Nicole Haun today by visiting for MLS listings of homes for sale in Anacortes. With an ever-changing Anacortes home inventory, now is always the best time to search for your dream house in this beautiful part of Washington State.

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