Quality Real Estate Photography For Better Sales Performance

One of the best ways to entice potential buyers and give them reason to fall head-over-heels for your home is to leverage good real estate photography techniques. In fact, it has been proven time and again that listings with pictures will typically attract far more attention than those without. However, simply taking pictures is not enough. It must be done in the right way, whether taken by a real estate agent or a homeowner. Making a big first impression is best achieved through good photography.


As a growing number of homebuyers turn to the Internet to find a home, understanding real estate photography is well worth the effort. Especially considering the fact that listings without pictures will in many cases simply be passed over by those in search of a home. Listings without pictures may indicate that there could be something wrong with the home. Perception is 99% of the challenge when trying to sell real estate. Therefore, posting good quality high-definition images is worth the time and effort.

Five-Megapixel Camera

While top-of-the-line photography equipment is not required in order to take good pictures, a cell phone camera is generally not recommended. Most experts advise using at least a five-megapixel camera in order to achieve high quality images. The good news is that consumer electronics have come down in price a lot in recent years making a five-megapixel camera very affordable. Consider investing in a tripod so that pitchers do not come out blurry or shaky. Prior to taking photographs always make sure that all clutter has been removed from your home.

Sunny Day

Next, try to incorporate colorful aspects of your home into the photographs. This includes everything from brightly colored artwork to fresh flowers or other notable pieces that will bring a splash of color to the images. It is also important to note that natural sunlight can enhance photographs considerably. Schedule your picture taking during a sunny day and a time of the day when the sun is most prevalent. Open all curtains, window treatments, shutters and similar light blocking coverings as a way to ensure the highest levels of natural light. Avoid taking images on a gloomy, dark or cloudy day.


Finally, when photographing a room it is best to arrange the shot so it is taken from the perspective of the doorway looking into the space. When taking exterior pictures it is ideal to take the shot from an angle rather than from directly in front of the house. This affords greater depth and guarantees that your photograph will not be flat or two-dimensional. When taking exterior pictures avoid major obstructions such as street signs, telephone poles or anything else that may detract from the overall look of your home. As an added note, always take a generous amount of photos and then choose only the best for your Anacortes home listing. Contact Nicole Haun today by visiting Realestateinanacortes.com. Nicole has an extensive list of MLS homes in Anacortes. Call today to learn more.

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