Tips On Selling Your Anacortes Home Quickly

Even if you miss the peak home buying season you can still sell your Anacortes home quickly by following a few simple tips. While pricing your home right and properly preparing the property for sale is essential, there are a few other items that sometimes go overlooked. For example, consider updating the exterior and interior with fresh paint, new fixtures and improved landscaping. These are easy and affordable ways of making a home more marketable.

Generic And More Appealing

Equally important is to “depersonalize” your home as well as clean-out the clutter as much as possible. Making a home less personal will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Knickknacks, family photos, political items or even religious artifacts should be packed away to make a home more generic and more appealing in nature. The buyer must be able to envision their family living in the home. Better yet consider staging your house in order to show the house in a more professional and classic light.

Market Your Home Without Deterrence

Professional stagers are experts in enhancing the overall appeal of a house so that it sells quickly. In addition, do what is necessary to make your property as easy to show as possible for realtors. Maintain flexibility when it comes to scheduling walk-throughs so that realtors can market your home without deterrence. Keep in mind that potential buyers may wish to see your home early in the morning, on the weekends or even at night. Further, there are many cases where potential buyers and their realtors may provide little to no notice of a visit. Be flexible to ensure a fast and efficient sale.

Multiple Photos

Make sure that you leave the house when potential buyers arrive and always take your pets with you. Along with removing your pets it is important to stow away dog dishes and cat litter boxes. The presence of pets or pet paraphernalia is a sure way to turn off potential buyers almost immediately. This is true even if buyers are pet owners themselves. Finally, take the time to make certain that there are multiple photos of your home available online. This should include pictures of both the interior and exterior. All images should be high definition and professionally shot to guarantee the best possible return. Contact Nicole Haun today to sell your home in Anacortes quickly. Visit to learn more.

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