Should You Sell Your Home in Anacortes During The Holidays?

The holiday season is upon us once again and some homeowners are considering selling their home while others may wish to wait until the holidays are over. If you decide to wait until after the holidays are over it is best to list your home as quickly as possible into the new year. This is simply due to the fact that there will be eager buyers who will be standing by searching for great opportunities on real estate almost immediately following the end-of-year holidays.

Gem Of An Opportunity

While it is a general rule that the end of the year and the holiday season are not the best times to list a property, those with a contrary view can sometimes negotiate a great deal. Especially when dealing with eager and motivated prospective buyers. Conversely, buyers may find a gem of an opportunity that would have otherwise gone unnoticed had they waited until after the first of the year. It is also important to note that people are generally very busy during the holiday season. This will typically result in far less prospective buyers viewing your home.

Business Related Social Events

There is clearly give-and-take when it comes to choosing to list your home around the end of the year or holiday season time period. From holiday parties to family gatherings and business related social events, the end of the year can be very hectic, confusing and distracting. Sellers should also know that even if you strike a deal on your home during the holidays that the final financing will likely not be completed until well into 2017. The holiday season is also a time of year when finances may be stretched rather thin. This may be another reason to consider waiting until 2017 arrives in order to list your home.

Best Deals

Finally, while most experts agree that the month of March is the ideal time to sell a home, some of the best deals have indeed been made during the holiday season or winter months. It really comes down to the individual homeowner and in determining which scenario will suit your personal needs the best. Even the weather must be considered when listing a home for sale in Anacortes. Snow, ice, high winds and cold temperatures can have a direct impact on your overall success in achieving a sale. Contact Nicole Haun with for a comprehensive list of Anacortes homes for sale. Call anytime - we are always here to answer your questions.

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