Essential Real Estate Tips To Consider

If you are looking to buy or sell a home here are a few great real estate tips to consider. Searching online typically reveals a wide variety of tips and tricks related to buying and selling real estate. Here are just a few that we have uncovered recently online that may be useful to those wishing to transact real estate in Anacortes or in virtually any other part of Washington State. For example, it is a proven fact that all home renovation jobs are not the same in terms of Return On Investment or ROI.

Bathroom Remodel Project

Many experts agree that the greatest return on investment when it comes to renovations or remodeling is a mid range type bathroom remodel project. Most estimates project that there is nearly a two to one return on the money spent on this type of renovation job. As an example, $4000 spent on a bathroom remodel project can potentially increase the value of a home by around $8000. While every home and every project is unique and different, these are average numbers that can easily be achieved. Conversely, a kitchen remodel project can be expected to only return about $.50 on the dollar in terms of money spent.

Tidbits Of Trivia

Other unique tidbits of trivia found widely available online point to certain times of the year as being better in terms of the best time-frame to sell a home. Experts say that the best time to sell a home is in the month of March. In fact, homes sold during the month of March or in the period of time as spring approaches can sell for as much as 2% more in addition to selling faster overall. Conversely, one of the least desirable times to sell a home is in the second week of the month of December. Homes are considered harder to sell during this period and will sell for around 2% less than average.

Anacortes MLS Listings

Finally, it should be noted that many sources online agree that a female real estate agent will have better success in selling a home and for a higher price than a male counterpart. In addition, the psychology of pricing is quite interesting in that home listings with a nine in the thousands digit place typically sell faster. In other words, listing a home for $349,000 is considered far better than listing a home for $340,000. As an added note, using words in home listings such as captivating or luxury can help increase the likelihood of selling and for a higher price. Contact Nicole Haun today by visiting to learn more about Anacortes MLS listings. Whether you are buying or selling, Nicole has a trusted reputation and a proven strategy for transacting real estate in a fast, efficient and organized way. Call today!

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