As A Seller How Can I Make My Home More Appealing?

This is an important question because strong appeal can have a direct impact on how long a house stays on the market as well as how much the house ultimately brings in terms of sales proceeds. Here are some uncommon and very practical ways of making your Anacortes listing more appealing to potential buyers. For example, simply turning on every light throughout the house can make it bright, more interesting and far more appealing.

Uncommon Strategy

In effect, when all lights are turned on you are showcasing your home in a proud and more obvious way. Even dark corners can be enhanced. Simply placing an inexpensive floor lamp in the corner directed at the ceiling can actually make a room look larger. An equally uncommon strategy used for enhancing a home's appeal when selling is to replace several pieces of personal wall art with mirrors. This is a good strategy simply because it removes personal pieces such as family photos and specific kinds of art from the field of view.

Calculated Risk

It is obvious that different people have different taste in art and interior décor and that is why it is good to stay as neutral as possible. Conversely, there are some pieces of art that can actually have a very broad appeal. If you are confident that the art in your home has this kind of appeal, then take a calculated risk and simply leave the art in place. When using mirrors to replace art, the side benefit is that they make rooms look bigger and brighter. Even placing mirrors across from large windows can bring more of the outdoors inside.


Finally, hardwood flooring is considered to be a major selling point in today's highly competitive Anacortes real estate market. That said if you have any area rugs covering hardwood floors, simply roll them up and away and expose the beauty of the hardwood flooring that lies underneath. Equally important is to remove any rugs that are present in the kitchen as a way to make the room look more spacious and cleaner. As an added note, an inexpensive and easy way to enhance the interior of a home is to change out existing lampshades. Contact Nicole Haun today by visiting to learn more about an Anacortes realtor that has a proven track record in helping clients achieve their real estate dreams and objectives.

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