Take Advantage Of Home Staging For a Quicker Sale

Today more than ever before home sellers are turning to "staging" as a way to increase the chances of selling a home much faster and for more money. It is a fact that a staged home looks more inviting and more appealing to buyers. In short, staging a home is a great way in general of increasing the likelihood of selling. It is a smart and effective method of drawing attention to key areas of your home. Here are a few simple yet important tips on ways of staging a home in a smart and resourceful way.

Pedestal Sink

For example, it is a known fact that bathrooms and kitchens tend to draw the most attention from buyers in search of a quality home. When staging a bathroom consider installing a pedestal sink. This is especially true in smaller bathrooms where square footage is of a premium. Removing an existing bathroom counter and installing a pedestal sink will increase square footage while also adding genuine beauty. This is a win-win strategy because it increases square footage while adding a touch of luxury. The kitchen is an equally important space when it comes to staging a home for sale.

Stylish Hardware

One way to make a kitchen stand out is to stain kitchen cabinets that may be dated or worn. This is far less expensive than replacing cabinets that would otherwise be unattractive to potential buyers. Along with a new coat of stain, a great way of upgrading the look of cabinets is to install new hardware. Stylish hardware can provide an up-to-date look for just a few hundred dollars. Best of all, buyers will be drawn to the new and more modern look. Appliances should also be considered when preparing a home for listing on the open market.

Stainless Steel

While replacing appliances can be very expensive, there are other ways to upgrade their appearance without spending a fortune. For example, consider replacing only the front panels of appliances like a dishwasher. Upgrading a dishwasher front panel with a stainless steel panel can give it a more modern and impressive look. Granite countertops are another big draw when it comes to selling a home. Try searching for granite remnants that will fit your existing kitchen counter layout. This is a way to save money while adding substantially to the overall look of this important interior space.

Natural Light

Finally, replacing worn out boards in a hardwood floor or replacing cracked tiles is essential to creating the desired look and to help ensure a quicker sale. Take the time to fix, repair or replace any items that are obviously broken or defective in your home before listing it for sale. This simply makes smart financial sense. Investing a little bit prior to listing a home can result in a much higher sale price. As an added note, having windows professionally cleaned throughout your home will increase the amount of natural light that enters, making the space far more attractive. Consider these simple yet important tips when staging your home in preparation for sale. Contact Nicole Haun to learn more about Anacortes real estate selling strategies. Nicole is an experienced Anacortes real estate agent with an in depth knowledge of the Anacortes real estate market.