Tips on Buying a Home in the Right Way

Getting the most for your property purchasing dollars when buying a home can be as simple as considering a few basic home buying tips. For example, always investigate the neighborhood where you plan to buy very carefully. Visiting the local community where you will buy a home in the evening hours as well as in the morning and at other times of the day can help to confirm whether or not this is a place where you wish to live. Checking also where the nearest grocery store is found and where the schools are located will ultimately make life easier once a purchase has been made.

Sleeper Costs

Equally important is to keep emotion out of the home buying process. In other words, falling head-over-heels in love with a particular house while ignoring other key factors can ultimately result in a bad financial decision. Always remember that buying a home is an investment and should be driven by logic rather than emotion. Along with remaining logical when making a purchase it is also good to watch out for potential sleeper costs. This includes everything from steep property taxes to excessively high utilities and unanticipated homeowner's association dues.

Cost Of Repairs

Buying a home will also typically result in many other routine expenses such as the cost of repairs, maintenance and increases in everything from property taxes to homeowners insurance. Always consider your budget so that there is never a danger of losing your home to foreclosure later down the road. Appreciation is another concern that should be considered when making a purchase. Buying the biggest and most expensive home on the block may not always guarantee the highest rate of return in terms of appreciation.


Buying a median priced home in a good neighborhood will typically guarantee a good return on investment in terms of appreciation. Homebuyers should avoid trying to "time the market." Trying to time interest rates or home prices can ultimately result in missing a potentially excellent opportunity. The best time to buy a home is when you find a property that you are looking for that is within your budget. Remember that the Anacortes real estate market is cyclical in nature and that it is always in a state of flux. Avoid buying a home in Anacortes or hesitating to buy simply because of what you may think could happen to the market next week or next year. Contact today to learn more.

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