How To Improve The Appraisal Value Of Your Home

Having a home properly appraised and preparing a home for appraisal in the right way can have a substantial impact on the ability to sell that home. For example, a low appraisal will typically signal a bank to avoid lending money on a property. When a property appears to be overvalued the bank will typically conclude that there is excessive risk present. Here are a few smart and sensible tips on how to improve the appraisal value of your home if you plan to sell real estate in Anacortes.

First Impressions

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to launch-off on the right foot with any home appraisal is to give it good curb appeal. First impressions are lasting with people but can also be costly when it comes to having a home appraised. It is a proven fact that an appraisal can experience a reduction in value of thousands of dollars simply because a home has an unkempt or messy yard. Prior to having a home appraised consider having a landscaper clean the yard, trim the bushes and perhaps even plant a few new small trees.

Modern Looking Kitchen

In many instances the little items can go a long way in improving the appraisal value of a home. In terms of the interior of a house that is to be appraised it is often possible to improve the image of a room simply by adding a new feature. For example, installing an attractive and modern faucet in the kitchen can be just enough to create the image of a more up-to-date looking kitchen space. Spending thousands of dollars on new granite countertops may not be necessary in this case. Consider small and affordable improvements as a way to enhance the overall image of your home.

Free Of Clutter

As with the outside of a home it is equally important to ensure that the inside of a home is clean, organized and clutter-free. In fact, some experts estimate that the appraisal value of a home could go up by as much as 10% simply because the interior of the home is clean, organized and totally free of clutter. Paying attention to detail when it comes to preparing a home for appraisal can even include replacing an old outdated TV with a newer flat screen television. 

Highest Possible Value

While replacing the carpeting in an entire house can be prohibitively expensive, simply cleaning any stains or spots can often suffice. It should also be noted that placing carpeting pieces on top of other carpeting could create the image that there are hidden stains. Avoid this practice as a way to ensure that the appraisal comes in at the highest possible value. Another important consideration is that of removing any excess furniture. Creating an open space that is more appealing can be as easy as removing excess furniture when possible. In many cases an appraisal can be affected simply by perception. Contact today to work with Anacortes realtor with years of experience. Nicole Haun is always here to help.

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