Tips For Maintaining Good Credit When Buying That Dream Home

Virtually everyone would agree that purchasing a home is a big decision and indeed a major life event. Those in the earlier planning stages of buying a house may wish to consider a few simple and highly useful tips that can ultimately save money when financing a purchase. Most importantly, having good credit can make the entire approval process go off smoothly and without a hitch. Here are some of the best tips on maintaining good credit in order to buy the home in Oak Harbor of your dreams.

Pay Down Debt

For example, always strive to keep your credit strong and healthy. Avoid missing regular payments or letting card balances continue to mount by applying for additional credit. This can have a direct impact on your credit score and whether you will be able to qualify for a mortgage loan. The best approach is to pay down debt and make payments in a timely way to keep credit in the best standing. Equally important is your job.

Stability Is The Key

Because lenders must verify your income as part of the loan process, quitting a job or even changing positions within a company as well as becoming self-employed can have a direct impact on being able to close on an Anacortes home. Stability is the key to portraying your credit in the most positive light for potential lenders. Another important strategy is to avoid any large purchases well in advance of preparing to buy a home. For example, leasing or purchasing a new vehicle several months prior to closing on a home can have a negative impact on credit ratios and may ultimately disrupt the closing process.

Large Withdrawals Or Deposits

Equally vital is to refrain from opening and closing bank accounts or changing banks. Even making large withdrawals or deposits can cause problems when applying for a mortgage loan. The main goal with regard to personal finances is always to show stability. This gives lenders greater confidence that the loan will be paid back without interruption. Finally, communicate openly with your lender and share any information that may be of value as the loan process progresses. Everything from changing jobs to a change in marital status or extended travel plans should be discussed.

Streamlined Loan Process

Consider these simple tips and enjoy the best credit and the most streamlined loan process going forward. Contact Nicole Haun today to learn more about homes for sale in Oak Harbor Washington and waterfront properties in Anacortes. offers a convenient contact form for those visiting the website wishing to view multiple listings throughout Oak Harbor and on Anacortes Washington.

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