Clever And Unique Real Estate Tips

Almost everyone knows the old rub that location is everything when buying a home. That said there are many far less common real estate tips that are designed to improve the buying and selling experience. For example, street names matter when selling. Zillow says that houses with an actual street name are more appealing than homes with just a numbered address. Interestingly, streets with “Sunset” or “Lake” in the name can command substantially more money when selling.

Female Agents Are More Likely To Sell

When choosing a real estate agent keep in mind studies have indicated that a female agent is more likely to sell your home at a higher price and much faster overall. In addition, carefully planning the words used in a home listing can have a big impact on selling. For example, experts recommend avoiding words like “potential” or “TLC,” as these words can reduce the value of a listed home. Even the word “Investment” is best avoided according to those “in-the-know.”

Bathroom Remodel

Anyone preparing to sell should know that renovations could be beneficial to a degree. A bathroom remodel usually offers a good return on investment. In fact a typical $3,000 investment will net a seller around $1.70 per dollar spent in home value appreciation. Conversely, a similar kitchen renovation may only net around 50 cents on the dollar in terms of ROI or return on investment. Exercise caution before spending too much money on a home remodel project, especially considering that you may not get all your money back. This is sometimes referred to as over-capitalizing.

The Rules of Anacortes Real Estate

Finally, location is indeed everything. For example, a home close to conveniences such as a coffee shop or grocery store or even an elementary school can net a much larger return when selling. The rules in real estate are always changing, but some things rarely change. These simple yet important and uncommon tips can make a big difference for both buyers and sellers. The good news is that the 2017 real estate market is expected to be as active and dynamic as ever. Nicole Haun is a dedicated Oak Harbor real estate agent with a proven track record. She specializes in both residential and commercial properties throughout Anacortes and Whidbey Island Washington. Visit Nicole's resource filled website here Call today and please share this post with your friends on social media.

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