How to Turn a Potential Foreclosure into Profit

Allowing a home to fall into foreclosure is not always the best option for homeowners. In fact, finding ways to keep your home and ultimately sell it at market value is usually a much better option. If you or someone you know is considering allowing a home to go into foreclosure in Oak Harbor here are some tips that may help you keep the home so you can ultimately sell it at a profit. As a note, always try to stay up-to-date on your mortgage payment so that foreclosure never even becomes an issue.

One of the first ways of avoiding foreclosure is to act quickly if you have missed a mortgage payment. Even better is to take proactive steps before ever missing that first mortgage payment. Sometimes talking with the lender can reveal creative ways of keeping a mortgage current and up-to-date. In short, once you have missed a few payments it becomes far more difficult to avoid foreclosure. Always call your lender immediately if you're experiencing problems making your monthly mortgage payment.

In truth, lenders would much rather work with a borrower that have another home to deal with in foreclosure. As long as a mortgage lender believes that you are making strides and efforts to keep communication open, they will often adjust your mortgage payment accordingly. Equally important is to talk with a HUD approved housing counselor if possible. Many offer free or fairly priced assistance and can put homeowners in direct contact with National Hope For Homeowners Program.

In addition, homeowners should always exhaust all options when it comes to qualifying for a loan modification or loan payment reduction. Always ask your lender about these options as a way to avoid unnecessary and unwanted foreclosure proceedings. Finally, take control of your financial situation and carefully monitor where every dollar is going each month. Cut costs wherever possible and eliminate any unnecessary expenses as a way to make paying your mortgage easier and more affordable. Once you've stabilized your financial situation, contact at Anacortes real estate agent to list your home for sale or even to begin the a short sale.

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