Real Estate Secrets That Only Your Realtor Knows

Improve The Chances Of Selling Quickly

Working with an experienced and dedicated Oak Harbor real estate agent is one of the best ways to sell your home quickly and in a more profitable way. Best of all, an agent with considerable experience and a proven track record will often share some trade secrets when it comes to marketing and ultimately selling a property more effectively. For example, while it is widely accepted that staging a home that is for sale can improve the chances of selling, there are a few other things worth considering when it comes to the idea of home staging.

Makes The Room Look And Feel Bigger

One way to take staging a home to the next level is to do it based upon seasons of the year. Experts recommend using different types of furniture during the summer months as compared to the winter. They say that "shorter" furniture will portray a home more positively during the summer months. This is because it makes a room look and feel bigger. Other recommendations when it comes to home staging is to consider playing soft and relaxing background music during showings. This will make a house more inviting and cozier.

Freshly Cut Grass

First impressions can indeed be lasting. That is why it is so important to portray your home with a vibrant and healthy lawn at all times while attempting to sell. Nothing beats the smell of freshly cut grass especially when considering the purchase of a home. Having the lawn manicured and mowed right before an open house or a showing can make all the difference. Equally important is to use the right pricing strategy. Some experts recommend using something known as pricing bands.

Missing Out On A Potential Buyer

This simply means that potential Oak Harbor home buyers will set a range of buying parameters. A buyer may set a range between $315,000 and $340,00. This means that listing your home at $341,000 may result in you missing out on a potential buyer. When possible list a home for sale with a price that ends in a nine. For example, in the price range mentioned above, listing a home at $339,000 would make it more likely that buyers in the mentioned price range would find the home. Finally, always be aware that allowing a listing to sit too long can work against selling. Price your home competitively and consider taking the home off the market for a few months and then relisting it if it is not selling. As an added note, avoid exaggerating the amenities in a home when crafting a listing. This can only result in disappointment among potential Anacortes home buyers.

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