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San Juan Islands and the Puget Sound

Situated on Fidalgo Island, Anacortes with its estimated population of around 16,000 people is a beautiful and inviting community with much to offer. Fidalgo Island is surrounded by the San Juan Islands and the Puget Sound and is known for mild and welcoming weather. In fact, the micro-climate of Anacortes is sometimes considerably different than the weather found in other parts of the Pacific Northwest. For example, Anacortes receives about half as much rain as Seattle annually.

Wife Of Amos Bowman

One of the things that make Anacortes's weather so unique is that the area is positioned within the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains. The original name of Anacortes was Ship Harbor. Originally incorporated in the late 1800s, the name was eventually changed to Anacortes. As many people may already know, Anacortes is an adaptation of the namesake of Anne Curtis Bowman. She was actually the wife of Amos Bowman who was an early settler to the area.

Highly Efficient And Timely Ferries

Anacortes is unique for number of reasons including the fact that it offers easy and convenient access to the Washington State ferry docks and terminals. This allows those wishing to visit the San Juan Islands easy access to a number of islands such as Shaw, Lopez and Orcas as well as Friday Harbor and others. Even Victoria British Columbia and Vancouver Island can be accessed via the Washington State ferry system out of Anacortes Washington. Washington State operates highly efficient and timely ferries making it easy to travel from island to island as desired.

Anacortes Art Festival and The Oyster Run

Anacortes is known for an abundance of parks and nature areas. Including Washington Park that offers a wide variety of camping and boating opportunities. With breathtaking views and incredible natural beauty, Anacortes is highly respected for its visual appeal. In addition, the region features many well-known festivals and celebrations throughout the year. From the Anacortes Art Festival to the Oyster Run and even Shipwreck day, there is much to see and do throughout Anacortes during virtually any time of the year. Those in search of affordable real estate in Anacortes will discover that finding the perfect home in this inviting and welcoming area is actually quite easy.

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