Video and Other Cool Ideas to Help Sell Your Home

Having the Right Modern Tools

Video and other modern technologies can help you sell your home much faster than would otherwise be the case. From high definition (HD) videos to aerial drone videos and the latest in Internet technology, today’s homebuyers and home sellers have more tools at their disposal than ever before. In short, having the right modern tools today can improve your chances of buying or selling in a more profitable and successful way. Marketing to consumers has never been easier and more convenient than it is right now.

Listed on all of the Real Estate Portals Online

Seizing all opportunities when it comes to marketing whether online or off-line will ensure a faster sale or quicker purchase. For example, in addition to a standard multiple listing it is also a good idea to make sure that your home is listed on all of the real estate portals online. The major ones like and as well as can bring an influx of potential buyers. From creating multipage hardcopy marketing material such as mini magazines showcasing your home to producing professional quality HD videos, the possibilities are endless for those wishing to have a more successful and profitable sale.

Megapixel Cameras that Produce Stunning Images

Perhaps most important of all is in getting professional photographs right when it comes time to sell. Megapixel cameras that produce stunning images are more affordable now than they have ever been in the past. Always take generous numbers of photos and only keep the very best to publish with your property listing. Even better would be to hire a professional photographer to ensure that the images are truly spectacular. Drone photography is another excellent option that is being used by more and more Anacortes home sellers. In addition, 3D floor plans are valuable to potential buyers because it gives them a better idea of what to expect during an actual walk around.

Live Actors and Professionally Shot Film

Finally, video is perhaps one of the most valuable tools at the disposal of today’s motivated home sellers. Innovative and unique video used today goes far beyond the old virtual tours of vacant homes. Video used for real estate in today’s world features music, live actors and professionally shot film that is professional grade from start to finish. Most importantly, video is an essential tool simply because it gives homebuyers the opportunity to create a genuine emotional connection to the property that they are considering. Contact Nicole Haun today to learn more about real estate for sale in Oak Harbor that is affordable and always impressive.

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