How To Stage An Open House

Perfect Opportunity

Increasing the exposure on your home is one of the fastest ways to improve the chances of selling quickly. An open house is the perfect opportunity to do just that. So what exactly is the best way to get your home ready for an open house? The answer to this question may depend largely on the current condition of your home as well as a few other factors. Here are some simple and basic strategies on how to stage a home in preparation for an open house event.

Attracting The Interest Of Buyers

The first step is to simply plan for your open house in the right way. Before starting, consider talking with professionals in the industry such as home stagers and your realtor. Dressing up a home prior to an open house can greatly enhance the chances of attracting the interest of motivated buyers. Equally important is to identify the right target audience when planning this type of real estate event. Are you targeting families, business professionals or some other type of specific market?

Spotless And Attractive

Cleaning is another important aspect of having a successful open house. The home should be clean, spotless and attractive throughout. Dust all furniture, clean out all shower stalls and pay particular attention to the kitchen so that the presentation is indeed perfect. It is equally important to depersonalize the space and de-clutter wherever possible. Remove all personal items such as family photos and anything else that could distract a potential buyer. Closets should be cleaned out especially in light of the fact that an overcrowded closet could convey to buyers that a home is too small.

Add Stylish Accessories

When having an open house it may be a good idea to plant some new colorful flowers and keep the lawn freshly mowed. A fresh coat of paint wherever possible and replacing faded out house numbers can add the perfect touch. Pay particular attention to the kitchen by removing any photos or magnets from the refrigerator prior to showing the home. Clear off all countertops and add stylish accessories where possible. In the bathroom, everyday towels should be replaced with new fancy towels. Finally, consider putting out fresh cut flowers and even baking cookies to make your Oak Harbor home feel warm and inviting. Contact Nicole Haun today to learn more about Oak Harbor real estate opportunities.

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