Are Drones a Good Option For Photographing Real Estate?

A Clever and Unique Touch

It is a fact that drones used for photography have become quite popular these days. Indeed there are a number of businesses and industries that have become increasingly reliant upon drone photography. Real estate is really no different in this sense. Let’s face it aerial photography can add a clever and unique touch to a home that is listed for sale or even a commercial property that is to be sold on the open market. Here are a few ways that drones and aerial photography can be used to make a piece of real estate more appealing and more marketable.

·      An investment in a drone that will be used for aerial photography is very affordable and can be as inexpensive as around 500 dollars for a fairly good flying camera of this sort.

·      Drones are very good for shooting images of real estate in areas from above that would otherwise be difficult to access.

·      Aerial photos are an excellent form of promotion. They can enhance a listing and can compliment other types of interactive presentations making a listing far more appealing to potential buyers.

·      Drone photography is ideal for producing HD video clips. It can also offer buyers custom or unique visual angles and better perspective related sight cues.

·      A professionally created aerial video can in essence become a virtual tour that makes a home much more marketable.

·      When used for virtual tour purposes a drone can be flown through the entrance of a home and then through different rooms and even the backyard to create a stunning visual experience.

 Hire a Professional

These are just a few of the advantages of using drones to more effectively sell a home. To get the most from aerial photography of this kind it is best to hire a professional who knows how to fly drones and how to get the best shots. Working with someone who has experience with drones and aerial photography is always the best option.

 Steady Shots

Those with experience in aerial drone photography for real estate can be expected to be experts in taking steady shots and long shots. They will typically use a drone with a gimbal ensuring that the camera remains steady while shooting. Pros in drone photography will also know how to use the wind in their favor when photographing real estate.

Rules and Laws

Working with the wind can only serve to improve the overall quality of the footage being taken. Finally pro drone operators will typically know all the rules and laws associated with shooting this type of real estate photography. Contact Nicole Haun today to learn more about listing your home in Anacortes for sale. With extensive experience in Anacortes real estate Nicole is ready to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals.

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