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Tips And Tricks For Doing A More Effective Home Search

Home Search Efforts

The first step in buying the home of your dreams is to do a detailed and complete home search. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable realtor is the best way to ensure that your home search is successful, comprehensive and rewarding. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of any home search effort. For example, always research a property well long before you go and take a look. This will help you to decide whether or not the property has the features that you want and whether or not the neighborhood will suit you the best.

List Your Priorities

In addition, it is always recommended to be realistic when doing a home search. While being picky is not necessarily a bad thing, being unrealistic with your expectations could present certain problems. In other words, there is really no such thing as the exact perfect home. List your priorities and try to find a home that has the most number of attributes that you are searching for in a piece of property. Equally important is to make sure that your finances are in order before searching. Check your credit report and make sure that you have enough money in savings to cover any earnest money deposit and down payment as well as closing costs.

Moving Timeline

Getting prequalified for a mortgage can make the entire process less stressful and help to expedite the closing on your new home. Searching with a prequalification or preapproval letter in hand will help you to avoid disappointments. This is especially true if you find the house that you want only to discover that it is not affordable. Another important factor to consider is your moving timeline. Those renting must time the move with the end of any lease and the closing date on their new home. It is also a good idea to determine early on whether you are looking for a starter home or something more substantial.

The House Of Your Dreams

Finally, regardless of the condition of the home that you find and even if the home is new it is highly recommended to have a complete professional home inspection performed. It is also good practice to request a warranty from the seller to cover any unforeseen defects for at least one year or longer. Consider all these important tips when conducting a home search for the house of your dreams. Working with an experienced and dedicated realtor in Anacortes can also improve your chances of finding the right Anacortes home and closing the deal in record time.

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Excellent Tips For Investing In Anacortes Real Estate

Investing in real estate is no different than anything else in life in that it requires having a certain level of knowledge. Before investing in real estate it is well worth taking the time to explore tips, tricks and strategies for getting the most out of this type of investment activity. For example, one of the first steps in becoming effective, as a real estate investor is to simply create a strategy and plan goals carefully.

Consider A Price Range

What is your overall strategy? Begin by evaluating your own financial goals and what you expect out of your investments. Consider short-term advantages as well as long-term objectives. Take into account the price range that you will invest in as well as the cash investments that may be needed for each property purchased. Equally important is to determine a holding period and an exit strategy with regard to your property investments. Next, consider whether or not you will manage your own properties or if you will have a real estate investment portfolio managed by a property management company.

Educational Aspects

In addition, it is always good to be well educated when it comes to real estate investing. This can include attending seminars as well as watching videos and purchasing books on the subject. As a note of caution, it is important not to get too caught up in the educational aspects of investing and rather to take decisive action when opportunities arise. Those looking to invest in real estate should be prepared to look at multiple properties throughout various regions to ensure that the best deals are negotiated.

Tax Professional Or Tax Advisor

Consider whether or not you will simply buy and flip or actually renovate and remodel homes to ensure a greater return. Holding properties with the intent to lease can also be a profitable proposition for those looking to secure long-term financial stability. The tax implications of holding property as supposed to flipping property should also be weighed. Consult with your tax professional or tax advisor to know for sure what the best approach will be implemented when investing. Finally, taking decisive action is always the best strategy. Avoid postponing investing by constantly looking for the perfect deal. Contact Nicole Haun today to learn more about investing in Anacortes homes and properties in the surrounding communities. is always standing by and ready to help those wishing to learn more about real estate investments in Anacortes Washington.

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How To Make An Offer On A Home

By many estimates it is clearly a buyers market in many areas throughout the country. That said it is worth knowing how to make a good offer on a home if you find something that you truly like. Great deals abound on real estate today, so knowing how to make an offer is well worth understanding as a way to secure the perfect home or make a good financial investment. In most cases proposing a lower price than the asking price is a good place to start when placing an offer.

Exception And Not The Rule

While some markets actually see the prices of homes being bid up, this is generally the exception and not the rule. Indeed, there are a number of ways to negotiate a good bargain on a home. For example requesting perks such as having the seller pay closing costs can be a good way to make your offer more beneficial as a buyer. Even asking that the seller leave appliances or certain pieces of furniture is always an option.

The More Likely The Seller Will Be To Negotiate

Prior to making an offer on a property it is always a good idea to get a competitive market analysis from your real estate agent. Having a list of other homes in the area and their selling prices will clearly make you a more informed buyer when placing an offer. In addition, it is good to know the length of time that a home has been on the market. The longer a property has been listed the more likely the seller will be to negotiate. Equally important is to consider the appraisal value of a home when placing an offer.

An Offer Should Never Be Made Above The Appraisal Value

In most cases your realtor can request the appraisal value from the seller's real estate agent. As a general rule an offer should never be made that is above the appraisal value. In short, this would mean that you would owe more on the home than it is worth, especially if you are taking a mortgage. This would also require that you as a buyer come up with the difference in cash.

A Fun And Exciting Proposition

Finally, it is always a good idea to talk with your real estate agent about the seller's current situation and motivations. Understanding the seller can have a big impact on the type of offer that you make. Buying a home can be a fun and exciting proposition especially when a good deal has been made. Contact Nicole Haun with today to learn more about homes for sale in Anacortes Washington. Nicole has available a sizable list of Anacortes MLS listings that are always available to browse.

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Better House Hunting Strategies

Being organized and focused can save a lot of time and trouble when house hunting. That said, here are a few simple and logical tips for getting the most out of any house hunting effort. For example, setting priorities is one of the best ways to begin any house hunting adventure. Simply make a list of things that you like or prefer in a home. The list should be arranged in order of importance. Listed priorities may include everything from price to the number of bedrooms as well as yard size.

Substantial Amount Of Travel Time

In addition, closet space, kitchen size and design as well as a fireplace, pool or attached garage may also be top priorities. Equally important is to consider the travel time required to your place of work and other places that are frequently visited. Adding a substantial amount of travel time to your work commute or your regularly visited gym may not be so appealing. It is always a good idea to take adequate notes when visiting each and every property on your list.

Jot Down Notes

Take photos and make comments or jot down notes regularly while touring homes. When viewing a home it is important to consider fixtures within a home that can easily be changed as opposed to those that may require major remodeling or renovation. While replacing kitchen appliances can be relatively easy, moving plumbing or electrical wiring can be complex, expensive and time-consuming. Consider all factors when viewing the homes on your journey to find the perfect piece of real estate. It is also a good idea to go with your initial gut reaction when you first see the interior or exterior of a particular house.

Thoroughly Review All Notes

In many instances, your initial reaction to a home can be quite telling. Finally, it is a good idea to thoroughly review all notes as well as photos and other information related to each and every property that you visit. Take a few days to absorb all of the information and then sit down and talk with family members to make an informed, logical and smart buying decision. Ultimately, you may look at several dozen homes before you find the perfect property. Working with an experienced Anacortes realtor will help you make the best possible choice in real estate. Contact Nicole Haun via today to learn more.

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Tips For Better Real Estate Negotiations

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing real estate market, it is important to make critical decisions in the right way to ensure that your home purchase is a success. While emotions can often prevail throughout the buying process, it is essential to focus on good negotiations as a way to make certain that a deal is closed in the most advantageous way. From placing multiple offers to placing backup offers or trying to leverage the sale of another property in order to buy a new property, there are a myriad of conditions and situations that have to be considered when buying real estate.

Used As Leverage To Upgrade

One example of a great strategy that can be used to purchase a home is that of using the home sale contingency option. This simply means that buying a home will be subject to the selling of an individual's current home. While this can be a challenge it can also be used as leverage to upgrade to a nicer home. Working closely with your real estate agent, the lender and the seller of a property in order to close a contract with a contingency sale clause is typically required. The seller may wish to include a “Right of First Refusal” into the contract in some instances.

A Cash Deal Simplifies The Entire Process

One excellent strategy often used when negotiating a real estate deal is to consider the difference between a cash deal and one that demands acquiring a mortgage. Any time a buyer is able to pay cash as opposed to obtaining a mortgage it could ultimately result in getting a far better deal on a piece of real estate. A cash deal simplifies the entire process of purchasing real estate and does not involve the time constraints associated with securing a mortgage. A cash offer can often incentivize a seller to make a better deal with the buyer in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Agreeing On A Specific Closing Date

Equally useful when negotiating a real estate deal is to consider leveraging closing costs. When asking a seller to pay closing costs it will show as a credit from the seller to the buyer on the closing paperwork. It is important to note that those who have a limited amount of financial resources can benefit from asking the seller to pay all closing costs. However, this may make a deal less appealing and could ultimately result in a property being lost to another buyer. Even the closing date can be used in negotiations when purchasing real estate. Agreeing on a specific closing date can incentivize a seller or buyer and make a deal more appealing. Working with an experienced Anacortes real estate agent when buying property can help to streamline negotiations. Contact Nicole Haun by visiting today. Buying Anacortes homes has never been easier and more convenient. Why not negotiate a better real estate deal today.

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Take Advantage Of Home Staging For a Quicker Sale

Today more than ever before home sellers are turning to "staging" as a way to increase the chances of selling a home much faster and for more money. It is a fact that a staged home looks more inviting and more appealing to buyers. In short, staging a home is a great way in general of increasing the likelihood of selling. It is a smart and effective method of drawing attention to key areas of your home. Here are a few simple yet important tips on ways of staging a home in a smart and resourceful way.

Pedestal Sink

For example, it is a known fact that bathrooms and kitchens tend to draw the most attention from buyers in search of a quality home. When staging a bathroom consider installing a pedestal sink. This is especially true in smaller bathrooms where square footage is of a premium. Removing an existing bathroom counter and installing a pedestal sink will increase square footage while also adding genuine beauty. This is a win-win strategy because it increases square footage while adding a touch of luxury. The kitchen is an equally important space when it comes to staging a home for sale.

Stylish Hardware

One way to make a kitchen stand out is to stain kitchen cabinets that may be dated or worn. This is far less expensive than replacing cabinets that would otherwise be unattractive to potential buyers. Along with a new coat of stain, a great way of upgrading the look of cabinets is to install new hardware. Stylish hardware can provide an up-to-date look for just a few hundred dollars. Best of all, buyers will be drawn to the new and more modern look. Appliances should also be considered when preparing a home for listing on the open market.

Stainless Steel

While replacing appliances can be very expensive, there are other ways to upgrade their appearance without spending a fortune. For example, consider replacing only the front panels of appliances like a dishwasher. Upgrading a dishwasher front panel with a stainless steel panel can give it a more modern and impressive look. Granite countertops are another big draw when it comes to selling a home. Try searching for granite remnants that will fit your existing kitchen counter layout. This is a way to save money while adding substantially to the overall look of this important interior space.

Natural Light

Finally, replacing worn out boards in a hardwood floor or replacing cracked tiles is essential to creating the desired look and to help ensure a quicker sale. Take the time to fix, repair or replace any items that are obviously broken or defective in your home before listing it for sale. This simply makes smart financial sense. Investing a little bit prior to listing a home can result in a much higher sale price. As an added note, having windows professionally cleaned throughout your home will increase the amount of natural light that enters, making the space far more attractive. Consider these simple yet important tips when staging your home in preparation for sale. Contact Nicole Haun to learn more about Anacortes real estate selling strategies. Nicole is an experienced Anacortes real estate agent with an in depth knowledge of the Anacortes real estate market.