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Discover Frequently Overlooked Home Buying Tips

Finding and buying a new home is an exciting proposition that can be rewarding and profitable. However, there are many home-buying tips that often go overlooked and that are well worth considering. For example, keep an eye out for neighborhoods where there are renovations and remodeling projects underway. This is typically a good sign that you are in an up-and-coming neighborhood where the prices of real estate will appreciate.

Buying A Foreclosure

Equally important is to consider buying a home on the outskirts of growing neighborhoods. This is a good strategy because homes located in these areas will typically catch up with more expensive homes that have already been renovated or remodeled. In addition, consider buying a foreclosure or home that needs a considerable amount of work. These properties can often be purchased at a deep discount for anyone who may be wishing to do renovation or remodel work. The upside is that there is substantial profit that can be garnered from these types of homes.

Finding A Good Neighborhood

Another strategy often used by real estate investors that can be incorporated by virtually anyone is to buy the least expensive home on the block. Finding a good neighborhood and then searching for the least expensive home in the area will ultimately ensure a greater return on investment. It is also a good idea to check zoning and local codes when purchasing a home. Ensure that you are buying in a stable area where commercial real estate is restricted as a way to protect your investment. Also try to view a large quantity of homes in order to find an excellent deal.

Better Feel For The Neighborhood

Finally, when you do find a property that you like it is best to return at different times of the day and on different days of the week to get a better feel for the neighborhood. Even driving by the home in the late evening hours can reveal a lot about the house and the immediate neighborhood. Being a smart and discerning home buyer can be as easy as following a few simple and uncommon home buying related tips. Contact Nicole Haun by navigating to to learn more about the many excellent Anacortes real estate deals available today. Nicole is a dedicated real estate agent specializing in Anacortes homes for sale. Call today to learn more.

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How To Find The Down Payment Needed To Buy A New Home

This is a common concern that is often raised especially by those who are young first-time home buyers. However, the good news is that it is really much easier than most people might imagine to secure the funds needed to make a down payment for a new home purchase. For example, young couples just starting out may wish to consider simply asking their parents, relatives or friends for an affordable loan.

First Alternative

Best of all, securing this type of loan usually means that there will be no strict time-frame in terms of paying off the loan and in many cases no interest. This is clearly the best type of loan available and should always be considered as a first alternative when preparing to buy for the first time. As another option, it may be worth considering having a parent or close relative cosign a loan in order to become a new homeowner. Another idea is to consider liquidating assets as a way to buy your first home.

The Potential Profit That Is Inherent In That Market

For example, selling stocks, bonds or even a boat or motorcycle as well as maybe a second vehicle can help open up the door to having the funds necessary to purchase a first home. Conversely, those with established life insurance policies with an accrued value may find that cashing it in is a great way to access the real estate market and the potential profit that is inherent in that market. As a note, first-time homebuyers may be able to enjoy penalty free access to a retirement account up to $10,000. Consult with your accountant to know for sure.

Many Loan Products Available Today

Finally, everything from increasing your income by taking a second job or talking with your local church or other nonprofit organization about low down payment loan options is worth considering. It should also be noted that there are many loan products available today that require either a very low down payment or no down payment at all. From an FHA loan to a VA loan and other types of unique loan programs, there are a number of ways to finance the purchase of a home without having to come up with a substantial down payment. Contact Nicole Haun by visiting today to learn more about buying a home in Anacortes Washington. Anacortes MLS Listing information is available, please contact us for a detailed list of available properties.

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