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Location, Location, Location And What It Means

For anyone who has ever purchased a home or perhaps even just considered purchasing a home, you may have likely heard the common mantra of “Location, Location, Location.” This statement simply refers to the fact that two identical homes can have entirely different values based only upon location. Even more interesting is the fact that similar properties can increase or decrease in value differently also just based on location.

Ample Access To Recreation And Nature

One example of why location is so important is because making a poor decision in this regard could end up costing money in terms of resale value. Buying the right home in the wrong location happens often. One thing to consider when weighing location as a prime driving force in your purchase decision is the type of schools that are available. Search for a home in a community or region that features top-rated schools within a great school district. Equally important is to choose a community that has ample access to recreation and nature. Rivers, lakes, parks and even boat launches should all be considered.

Stunning Scenic Views

In terms of resale value, look for a home in an area where there are stunning scenic views. Homes in view communities will typically resell much quicker and for more money. Anacortes homes offer the perfect opportunity to purchase a house with a breathtaking water view. Those searching for home in a great area should also take into account neighborhoods that are economically stable in regions where there is ample shopping and entertainment. Everything from restaurants to movie theaters and easy access to mall shopping should play a role in the decision-making process.

Ponder These Simple Yet Important Ideas

Finally, some buyers may also be particular when it comes to purchasing a corner lot as opposed to a home that is located at the center of a row of homes. Healthcare, employment prospects and public transportation may also have an influence on your decision to purchase in a particular community such as Anacortes. As an added bonus, Anacortes offers easy access to all of the outlying San Juan Islands via the Washington State ferry system. Ponder these simple yet important ideas before viewing the first property on your journey to find your dream home. Contact Nicole Haun or visit our website at to learn more. Nicole is an Anacortes Realtor with a detailed knowledge of this beautiful island community.

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