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Tips For Better Real Estate Negotiations

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing real estate market, it is important to make critical decisions in the right way to ensure that your home purchase is a success. While emotions can often prevail throughout the buying process, it is essential to focus on good negotiations as a way to make certain that a deal is closed in the most advantageous way. From placing multiple offers to placing backup offers or trying to leverage the sale of another property in order to buy a new property, there are a myriad of conditions and situations that have to be considered when buying real estate.

Used As Leverage To Upgrade

One example of a great strategy that can be used to purchase a home is that of using the home sale contingency option. This simply means that buying a home will be subject to the selling of an individual's current home. While this can be a challenge it can also be used as leverage to upgrade to a nicer home. Working closely with your real estate agent, the lender and the seller of a property in order to close a contract with a contingency sale clause is typically required. The seller may wish to include a “Right of First Refusal” into the contract in some instances.

A Cash Deal Simplifies The Entire Process

One excellent strategy often used when negotiating a real estate deal is to consider the difference between a cash deal and one that demands acquiring a mortgage. Any time a buyer is able to pay cash as opposed to obtaining a mortgage it could ultimately result in getting a far better deal on a piece of real estate. A cash deal simplifies the entire process of purchasing real estate and does not involve the time constraints associated with securing a mortgage. A cash offer can often incentivize a seller to make a better deal with the buyer in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

Agreeing On A Specific Closing Date

Equally useful when negotiating a real estate deal is to consider leveraging closing costs. When asking a seller to pay closing costs it will show as a credit from the seller to the buyer on the closing paperwork. It is important to note that those who have a limited amount of financial resources can benefit from asking the seller to pay all closing costs. However, this may make a deal less appealing and could ultimately result in a property being lost to another buyer. Even the closing date can be used in negotiations when purchasing real estate. Agreeing on a specific closing date can incentivize a seller or buyer and make a deal more appealing. Working with an experienced Anacortes real estate agent when buying property can help to streamline negotiations. Contact Nicole Haun by visiting today. Buying Anacortes homes has never been easier and more convenient. Why not negotiate a better real estate deal today.

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Should I Renovate or Buy New?

Buying real estate in Anacortes or in any other part of the country for that matter can sometimes be confusing. This is especially true when it comes to those who are considering purchasing a fixer-upper to renovate. There are many considerations that should be taken into account prior to making this type of purchase. In some instances, it is simply better to buy a newer home that will require minimal work and upkeep. The good news is that many homes requiring renovation are incredibly charming and will have huge up-side potential.

Physical Structure

Those considering a large home renovation project should know that the kitchen, bathroom and other major portions of the structure could need to be completely replaced. Even full electrical systems such as the wiring may need to be totally reworked. One of the first considerations to think about before purchasing a renovation project type house is that of the underlying physical structure. If the foundation of a home or its framing has been compromised or seriously damaged, it may be better to avoid this type of house altogether. This is particularly true if there has been serious water damage.

Deeply Discounted

Homes that have extensive water damage can be very expensive to repair. The only way that this type of home could be considered a good buy is if it has been deeply discounted. Budget should be a major consideration when purchasing a renovation project. Know in advance what you can afford before undertaking this type of challenge. It is also important to remember that renovation costs can run away and easily exceed one's budget in short order. This is another case where investing in a newer and more structurally sound home is a better option.

Open Floor Plan

Finally, when purchasing real estate in Anacortes that requires remodeling or renovation it is important to consider your own personal lifestyle. Many older homes may not be appealing to today's modern highly active lifestyle. Lack of space, or a home that is devoid of a garage may simply not work. In addition, many older homes are missing the popular open floor plan so common today. As an added note, an older home requires sufficient financial resources and a lot of time and effort. Consider these simple tips when determining whether to renovate or to buy new. Contact today for the latest in Anacortes homes for sale that feature incredible character and style.

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