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Advanced Real Estate Development Tips

Buying and selling real estate can be a profitable venture, however foraying into development can be even more rewarding. Best of all, anyone can begin on the journey into developing real estate. All it takes is time, perseverance and focus. Here we will list for you a few key advanced real estate development tips that can help you as you progress along the way. is dedicated to helping clients find real estate gems and opportunities throughout Anacortes, Oak Harbor and other areas of Washington State.

Launched A Construction Project

The first tip to consider with regard to real estate development is to always take full advantage of depreciation. Regardless of the type of corporate entity you have set up, depreciation can play an important role in achieving and maintaining profitability. For example, if your company has recently launched a construction project, a renovation or an expansion, there may be substantial savings over the long term in regard to all that the depreciation write-off has to offer. Talk with your CPA or tax professional to find out more.

Defer Any Profits Or Gain

Another important tip with regard to real estate development worth considering is the idea of exchanging real estate for bonds. Some developers choose to cash out of real estate and may wish to defer any profits or gain. Rather than rolling profits into more real estate, some developers may simply exchange property for various types of bonds. This is another case where tax consequences should be considered, so talk with your CPA or tax professional before proceeding.

Indirect Costs Being Capitalized

Proper capitalization is equally as important when developing real estate. Investors and developers should evaluate the methods of capitalization related to pre-construction costs. For example, are direct and indirect costs being capitalized with regard to future development? This may be another question for your CPA and is one well worth considering. Tax rules with regard to deductions play a major role in how capitalization is best managed.

Proper Allocation Of Costs

Finally, land or property developers may consider allocating land costs for their long-term benefit. Developers may find it useful to defer income when selling parcels of land that are part of a larger land tract purchase. It is important to consider the proper allocation of costs as it relates to the various parcels to ensure maximum tax benefit and return on investment (ROI). Your CPA can discuss all the particulars with regard to the IRS requirements relating to equitable apportionment.

Contact Nicole Haun today by visiting and filling out our simple contact form. We offer access to a wide range of Oak Harbor multiple listings as well as homes for sale in Anacortes and many other surrounding communities in beautiful Washington state.

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Location, Location, Location And What It Means

For anyone who has ever purchased a home or perhaps even just considered purchasing a home, you may have likely heard the common mantra of “Location, Location, Location.” This statement simply refers to the fact that two identical homes can have entirely different values based only upon location. Even more interesting is the fact that similar properties can increase or decrease in value differently also just based on location.

Ample Access To Recreation And Nature

One example of why location is so important is because making a poor decision in this regard could end up costing money in terms of resale value. Buying the right home in the wrong location happens often. One thing to consider when weighing location as a prime driving force in your purchase decision is the type of schools that are available. Search for a home in a community or region that features top-rated schools within a great school district. Equally important is to choose a community that has ample access to recreation and nature. Rivers, lakes, parks and even boat launches should all be considered.

Stunning Scenic Views

In terms of resale value, look for a home in an area where there are stunning scenic views. Homes in view communities will typically resell much quicker and for more money. Anacortes homes offer the perfect opportunity to purchase a house with a breathtaking water view. Those searching for home in a great area should also take into account neighborhoods that are economically stable in regions where there is ample shopping and entertainment. Everything from restaurants to movie theaters and easy access to mall shopping should play a role in the decision-making process.

Ponder These Simple Yet Important Ideas

Finally, some buyers may also be particular when it comes to purchasing a corner lot as opposed to a home that is located at the center of a row of homes. Healthcare, employment prospects and public transportation may also have an influence on your decision to purchase in a particular community such as Anacortes. As an added bonus, Anacortes offers easy access to all of the outlying San Juan Islands via the Washington State ferry system. Ponder these simple yet important ideas before viewing the first property on your journey to find your dream home. Contact Nicole Haun or visit our website at to learn more. Nicole is an Anacortes Realtor with a detailed knowledge of this beautiful island community.

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Should You Sell Your Home in Anacortes During The Holidays?

The holiday season is upon us once again and some homeowners are considering selling their home while others may wish to wait until the holidays are over. If you decide to wait until after the holidays are over it is best to list your home as quickly as possible into the new year. This is simply due to the fact that there will be eager buyers who will be standing by searching for great opportunities on real estate almost immediately following the end-of-year holidays.

Gem Of An Opportunity

While it is a general rule that the end of the year and the holiday season are not the best times to list a property, those with a contrary view can sometimes negotiate a great deal. Especially when dealing with eager and motivated prospective buyers. Conversely, buyers may find a gem of an opportunity that would have otherwise gone unnoticed had they waited until after the first of the year. It is also important to note that people are generally very busy during the holiday season. This will typically result in far less prospective buyers viewing your home.

Business Related Social Events

There is clearly give-and-take when it comes to choosing to list your home around the end of the year or holiday season time period. From holiday parties to family gatherings and business related social events, the end of the year can be very hectic, confusing and distracting. Sellers should also know that even if you strike a deal on your home during the holidays that the final financing will likely not be completed until well into 2017. The holiday season is also a time of year when finances may be stretched rather thin. This may be another reason to consider waiting until 2017 arrives in order to list your home.

Best Deals

Finally, while most experts agree that the month of March is the ideal time to sell a home, some of the best deals have indeed been made during the holiday season or winter months. It really comes down to the individual homeowner and in determining which scenario will suit your personal needs the best. Even the weather must be considered when listing a home for sale in Anacortes. Snow, ice, high winds and cold temperatures can have a direct impact on your overall success in achieving a sale. Contact Nicole Haun with for a comprehensive list of Anacortes homes for sale. Call anytime - we are always here to answer your questions.

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Tips On Selling Your Anacortes Home Quickly

Even if you miss the peak home buying season you can still sell your Anacortes home quickly by following a few simple tips. While pricing your home right and properly preparing the property for sale is essential, there are a few other items that sometimes go overlooked. For example, consider updating the exterior and interior with fresh paint, new fixtures and improved landscaping. These are easy and affordable ways of making a home more marketable.

Generic And More Appealing

Equally important is to “depersonalize” your home as well as clean-out the clutter as much as possible. Making a home less personal will make it more attractive to potential buyers. Knickknacks, family photos, political items or even religious artifacts should be packed away to make a home more generic and more appealing in nature. The buyer must be able to envision their family living in the home. Better yet consider staging your house in order to show the house in a more professional and classic light.

Market Your Home Without Deterrence

Professional stagers are experts in enhancing the overall appeal of a house so that it sells quickly. In addition, do what is necessary to make your property as easy to show as possible for realtors. Maintain flexibility when it comes to scheduling walk-throughs so that realtors can market your home without deterrence. Keep in mind that potential buyers may wish to see your home early in the morning, on the weekends or even at night. Further, there are many cases where potential buyers and their realtors may provide little to no notice of a visit. Be flexible to ensure a fast and efficient sale.

Multiple Photos

Make sure that you leave the house when potential buyers arrive and always take your pets with you. Along with removing your pets it is important to stow away dog dishes and cat litter boxes. The presence of pets or pet paraphernalia is a sure way to turn off potential buyers almost immediately. This is true even if buyers are pet owners themselves. Finally, take the time to make certain that there are multiple photos of your home available online. This should include pictures of both the interior and exterior. All images should be high definition and professionally shot to guarantee the best possible return. Contact Nicole Haun today to sell your home in Anacortes quickly. Visit to learn more.

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What Should You Consider If You Plan On Buying A Bigger Home

Everyone enjoys the idea of upgrading to a larger and more luxurious home. That said there are a few things worth considering if you plan on making the jump into a bigger house. For example, one key ingredient of being successful in transitioning to a larger home is in choosing the right mortgage. This is especially true if you do not plan on keeping house for an extended period of time. In this instance, an adjustable rate mortgage will typically be the best bet.

Maximize Cash Flow

The adjustable rate mortgage will save you money through a better interest rate. In fact, in most cases an adjustable rate mortgage will be lower than the 30-year fixed type product. In addition, choosing an adjustable rate mortgage is a great option for those wishing to maximize cash flow. Equally important is to explore all options when it comes to your existing home. If you are able to lease out your current home rather than sell it this may be a smart move in terms of building equity in multiple pieces of real estate.

Jumbo Loans

As a note, those wishing to upgrade to a larger and more extravagant home may require a jumbo mortgage. As such, you should be prepared to qualify for a jumbo mortgage with solid financials and strong credentials. Mortgage underwriters typically determine a borrower's risk based on their credit, capacity to pay and collateral. Make sure that you understand all aspects of jumbo loans so that you are able make an offer on the property and close quickly. This is especially important if you find the perfect home and wish to secure that home without it being sold to another party.

Current Real Estate Climate

With an improving Anacortes housing market and increased home values as well as lower interest rates, now may be the perfect time to make the jump into a larger and more impressive home. Those with a growing family as well as anyone else wishing to make a good investment can take advantage of all that the current real estate climate has to offer by being prepared and making the right choices. If you are looking to relocate to Anacortes Washington, there are many Anacortes MLS listings that may fit your needs perfectly. Contact Nicole Haun by visiting our website at to learn more. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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