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Crucial Keywords For A More Successful Real Estate Listing


Not surprisingly, the words used in real estate listings can have a big impact on not only how fast a home sells but also for how much it sells for at the end of the day. Using powerful keywords and word combinations is very effective at helping a property stand out among the crowd. In fact, there are certain tried-and-tested keywords such as “spacious” and “beautiful” and “must-see” that historically have worked quite well. While “beautiful” is considered by many experts to be the top most desirable keyword when selling a home there are others that should be considered as well.

Gated Community

For example, specific keywords referring to unique features in a home can produce impressive results when it comes to getting a house noticed and sold. Words like “stainless steel appliances” and “hardwood flooring” are two of these words. Taking the time to carefully craft a well-worded listing can put a homeowner way ahead of the competition when it comes to getting a quick offer. Popular keywords such as “ocean view” or “mountain view” as well as “gated community” can all enhance a multiple listing in a unique and captivating way.

Bright Open Kitchen

Those in Washington State may find that region specific keywords such as “panoramic view,” or “city lights” as well as “mountain view home” will draw the greatest interest. There are countless other keywords that can give even the most generic listing an added boost. For example, “soaking tub,” “bright open kitchen,” “elegant dining area,” and “oversized windows” are all good keywords for setting a listing apart. Other mentions such as “generous closet space” or “custom kitchen” can also change the dynamics of a typical Anacortes multiple listing. Gourmet kitchen is quite popular today when writing an effective home listing.

Pool House

Finally, wealthy buyers often look for unique keywords such as “privacy” or “million-dollar home.” “Acreage,” “estate” and "in home theater” are words frequently used for homes in the million dollar and up range. Wealthy Anacortes home buyers are frequently attracted by homes that feature a wine room or a pool house as well as perhaps an oceanfront property. When good keyword selection is combined with professionally shot real estate photographs and video the end result can be a quick sale at near asking price. Talk with your realtor to learn more on how to custom craft a unique and eye-catching listing for sale of your Anacortes home today.

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Always Have An Agent When Buying Or Selling A Home

While there are many things that consumers can do today on their own, buying or selling a home is generally not best approached in a do-it-yourself capacity. In reality, it is always better to have a real estate agent by your side when buying or selling commercial real estate, residential real estate or a piece of land. This is especially true considering the fact that it will likely be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

Buying Or Selling

One obvious reason why choosing to work with the realtor is such a good idea; is because of the fact that they have expertise and experience. In many instances buying or selling a home requires becoming involved with wide variety of reports, forms, disclosures and other types of technical information and documents. Realtors can help guide you through the complexities associated with buying or selling a piece of real estate. Most importantly they can help to ensure the delays are not experienced.

Relevant Listings

In addition, a real estate professional can be expected to have greater searching power as compared to one who is not an agent. Finding up-to-date home listings alone can be a challenge. Realtors have access to the most up-to-date and relevant listings available. It is also important to note that there may at times be properties that are only available through listings accessed by a realtor. Finding hidden gems is best achieved by working with the right professional.

Negotiation Skills

Another important consideration when choosing whether or not use a realtor is the fact that they typically have strong negotiation skills. Let's face it, negotiations are almost always a part of buying or selling a home. From cash offers to bidding wars or simply cutting the best possible deal, good negotiation is essential to helping buyers and sellers enjoy the best possible outcome. A realtor can ensure that the purchase agreement will allow enough time for contingencies, inspections and other essentials that are typically required in any real estate transaction.

Mortgage Brokers

Finally, realtors are vital to success in real estate simply because they have connections and will be expected to adhere to the strictest of ethical code. Realtors can put buyers and sellers in touch with mortgage brokers, home inspectors, real estate lawyers as well as home-staging pros and interior designers. As an added note, realtors can help buyers and sellers through the emotional roller coaster of buying or selling a piece of property.

Friendly Service

Realtors in Anacortes understand people and understand the emotions involved with making a large financial transaction associated with buying or selling property. With so much to offer it is clear to see why most people choose to work with real estate agents when buying or selling. Contact Nicole Haun today by visiting to learn more about homes for sale in Anacortes Washington. Friendly service that is always prompt is just a call away when choosing to work with Nicole Haun.

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Best Kept Home Buying Secrets

Getting the most out of the home buying experience can be as easy as knowing a few best-kept and secret home buyer tips. For example, one excellent way of ensuring that you are making a good purchase is to simply consider having a survey completed on the property. A survey is essential because it will indicate exactly where the property line is located helping you to know precisely what you are buying. This will avoid potential border disputes with your new neighbor.

Home Inspection

Equally important is to always choose to have a thorough home inspection performed. While only costing a few hundred dollars, a home inspection can ultimately save a homeowner thousands of dollars. Imagine buying a car without even looking under the hood. Virtually no one would recommend this course of action and that is why it is always recommended to get a professional home inspection performed as a way to detect issues, problems or defects with a house.

Structural Problems

In addition, when preparing to buy a home try to keep emotions out of the decision making process. For example, overlooking structural problems, financial related issues or anything else for that matter simply because you have fallen in love with a home is not usually the best strategy. Stay impartial, objective and view any property from strictly a logical perspective. This will guarantee that you make a better and more informed buying decision. Many failed financial decisions have been made by people over the years simply because they allowed their emotions to control their home buying decisions. Always remember that buying a home should be considered from an investment angle.

Sleeper Costs

Finally, be aware of and avoid sleeper costs when possible. While paying a mortgage is far better than paying rent in terms of long-term financial stability, there are other costs and expenses involved with owning a home. As an example, utilities, property taxes and even home-association dues can increase your monthly outlay and must be taken into account. The cost of repairs, maintenance and increases in property taxes or homeowners insurance must also be considered. Always calculate your budget to include sleeper costs so that you will not be overburdened financially when purchasing a home. Contact Nicole Haun or visit our new website to learn more. We help make buying an Anacortes home easy, convenient and affordable.

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Home Buying And Remodeling Tips

Purchasing a home that requires some amount of renovation can ultimately save homebuyers money. However, it is important to understand that renovation or remodeling can be very expensive unless it is carefully planned and smartly carried out. Here are a few sensible and useful tips on buying a home and then remodeling or renovating it in the right way. First of all, when seeking out a contractor it is best to get multiple job estimates before making a final decision.

Home Improvement Professional

Talk with people you know, friends, family and coworkers in order to find the best contractor for your specific needs. Even calling references of a particular contractor will help you make the best choice possible when hiring this type of home improvement professional. In addition, knowing well in advance the type of renovations that will be needed can help you stay on track when hiring a contractor to do work. This is another key aspect of ensuring that you stay within your allotted budget. Homeowners hiring a general contractor or home-improvement profession should make it a point to have every aspect of the work that will be done laid out in writing in clear terms.

Monitor The Progress Of The Work

Long before ever signing on the dotted line ensure that everything is in writing and in order. This will not only save time but will also save money and even your peace of mind. Anytime you are concerned with the quality work that is being conducted by a contractor it is important to bring it to their attention immediately. If you don't like the type of work that is being done it is better to speak up early than wait until it is completed. In simplest of terms, having home renovation work done is not the time to be shy. Monitor the progress of the work and always be ready to speak up.

Trusted Reputation

When choosing a contractor to do renovation or remodeling work make sure that they have a trusted reputation when it comes to doing clean and organized projects. Having dust circulated throughout your home and through an HVAC system can end up costing you more money in air-conditioning and heating repairs. Yet another great tip is to always make certain that workers leave some amount of leftover paint, additional floorboards and tile pieces that can be used for repairs at a later time.

Cabinet Handles And Knobs

Finally, always remember that there will be many decisions that will have to be made when undertaking any home renovation or remodel project. From cabinet handles and knobs to appliances and lighting as well as flooring and paint, be prepared to make multiple decisions prior to, during and even after the completion of your home renovation job. As an added note, never make final payment until every aspect of your project has been thoroughly completed. When buying an Anacortes home visit with and Nicole Haun to make a smart and financially advantageous Anacortes real estate buy. Why not buy and remodel today?

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